Treasures of the Temple 107



Planned Dates: Postponed until further notice!


Treasures of the Temple 107 is an event focused in the structure of the Temple and its services. What better way to get closer to our creator than to learn about His House. Through the study of the Temple we are able to understand the interesting topics about biblical prophesy, our scriptures and how to become better servant of God

For 2024 we are planning a Jerusalem ONLY Tour where we will be able to explore the locations directly with Rico Cortes and Joseph Good.


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Rico Cortes

Rico, Founder of Wisdom in Torah Ministry holds a Master of Theology, with focus on Ancient Near East and Biblical History from CMM College of Theology. He has also nurtured his Temple knowledge by performing in-depth research with known reputable teachers like Joseph Good and directly from his tours and exploring of the land of Israel. He was born in Puerto Rico, and has spent the last 20 years traveling around to world teaching. 


Joseph Good

Joseph, founder of Hatikva Ministries, has studied for years, exploring the original intent of scripture. He gained national exposure on television with his book, Rosh HaShanah and the Messianic Kingdom to Come. His latest book is called "Measure The Pattern". He is the main contributor in the research for our latest project of "Second Temple" App, and has been a resource for jewish organization in Israel, who's focus is the Temple. He continues to lecture and travel, teaching at various seminars across the United States, and leads tours to Israel.



If you would like to participate in this tour, please fill out the following contact form, so we can alert you when registration is OPEN.